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Thomas Watson (c. 1620—1686) was an English, non-conformist, Puritan preacher and author. He was educated at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, where he was noted for remarkably intense study. In 1646 he commenced a sixteen year pastorate at St. Stephen’s, Walbrook. He showed strong Presbyterian views during the civil war, with, however, an attachment to the king, and in 1651 he was imprisoned briefly with some other ministers for his share in Christopher Love’s plot to recall Charles II of England. He was released on 30 June 1652, and was formally reinstated as vicar of St. Stephen’s Walbrook. He obtained great fame and popularity as a preacher until the Restoration, when he was ejected for nonconformity. Not withstanding the rigor of the acts against dissenters, Watson continued to exercise his ministry privately as he found opportunity. Upon the Declaration of Indulgence in 1672 he obtained a license to preach at the great hall in Crosby House. After preaching there for several years, his health gave way, and he retired to Barnston, Essex, where he died suddenly while praying in secret. He was buried on 28 July 1686.

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“God sweetens outward pain with inward peace.” ~Thomas Watson

“The pleasure of sin is soon gone, but the sting remains.” ~ Thomas Watson

“Until sin be bitter, Christ will not be sweet.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“When you find a chillness upon your souls, and that your former heat begins to abate, ply yourselves with warm clothes, get those good books that may acquaint you with such truths as may warm and affect your hearts.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“A weak faith can lay hold on a strong Christ.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“It is our work to cast care, and it is God’s work to take care.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Eternity to the godly is a day that has no sunset; eternity to the wicked is a night that has no sunrise.” ~ Thomas Watson

“It was wonderful love that Christ should rather die for us than for the angels that fell. They were creatures of a more noble extract, and in all probability might have brought greater revenues of glory to God; yet that Christ should pass by those golden vessels, and make us clods of earth into stars of glory — Oh, the hyperbole of Christ’s love!”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Do we prize it (the Word) in our judgments? Do we receive it into our hearts? Do we fear the loss of the Word preached more than the loss of peace and trade? Is it the removal of the ark that troubles us? Again, do we attend to the Word with reverential devotion? When the judge is giving the charge on the bench, all attend. When the Word is preached, the great God is giving us his charge. Do we listen to it as to a matter of life and death? This is a good sign that we love the Word.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“We pray, ‘lead us not into temptation’. Do we then lead ourselves into temptation?”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Knowledge is the eye that must direct the foot of obedience.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“It is easy to catch a disease from another, but not to catch health. The bad will sooner corrupt the good, than the good will convert the bad.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“The gospel sweetens the law.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Wisdom is the power to put our time and our knowledge to the proper use.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Men could be content to have the kingdom of heaven; but they are loathe to fight for it. They choose rather to go in a feather bed to hell than to be carried to heaven in a ‘fiery chariot’ of zeal and violence.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Unless we deny our own will, we shall never do God’s will.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Ministers can but speak to the ear, the Spirit speaks to the heart.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Satan loves to fish in the troubled waters of a discontented heart.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“A man may read the figure on the dial, but he cannot tell how the day goes, unless the sun shines upon the dial: we may read the Bible over, but we can not learn the purpose, till the Spirit of God shines into our hearts. O implore this blessed Spirit! It is God’s prerogative-royal to teach: “I am the Lord thy God, which teacheth thee to profit.” Is. 48. 17. Ministers may tell us our lesson, God only can teach us; we have lost both our hearing and eye-sight, therefore are very unfit to learn. Ever since Eve listened to the serpent, we have been deaf; and since she looked on the tree of knowledge we have been blind; but when God comes to teach, he removes these impediments.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“No flattery can heal a bad conscience, so no slander can hurt a good one.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Better is that sin which humbles me, than that duty which makes me proud.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“When promises are verified, God’s truth is magnified.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“We must love God more for what He is, than for what He bestows.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“A Christian is a military person, he fights the Lord’s battles, he is Christ’s ensignbearer. Now, what though he endures hard fate, and the bullets fly about? He fights for a crown!”  ~Thomas Watson

“The worst that God does to His children is to whip them to heaven.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Neither deficiencies nor disappointments, losses nor crosses, can cause disquieting discontents in that bosom where faith is commander in chief.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“The more bitterness we taste in sin, the more sweetness we shall taste in Christ.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Great was the work of creation, but greater was the work of redemption. Great wisdom was seen in making us, but more miraculous wisdom in saving us. Great power was seen in bringing us out of nothing, but greater power in helping us when we were worse than nothing.

In the creation, God gave us ourselves; in the redemption, He gave us Himself.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“In a word a contented Christian, being sweetly captivated under the authority of the Word, desires to be wholly at God’s disposal and is willing to live in that sphere and climate where God has set him.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Obedience without knowledge is blind, and knowledge without obedience is lame.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“God comes down to us by his Spirit, and we go up to him by prayer.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“The prayer that is faithless is fruitless.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“We pray most fervently when we pray most feelingly.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Be like Noah’s dove. She made use of her wings to fly, but trust in the ark for safety.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Affliction promotes holiness. The more the diamond is cut, the more it sparkles!”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Our sins should humble us, but they must not discourage us from coming to Christ.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“It is better to go to heaven with a few, than to hell in the crowd.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“If God should show mercy only to such as deserve it, he must show mercy to none.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“The bare knowledge of God’s will is inefficacious, it doth not better the heart. Knowledge alone is like a winter sun, which hath no heat or influence; it doth not warm the affections, or purify the conscience. Judas was a great luminary, he knew God’s will, but he was a traitor.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Humility was never a loser.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“We may hold the world as a posy in our hand, but it must not lie too near our heart.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Either sin must drown in the tears of repentance, or the soul must burn in hell.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“A pagan sins less than a baptised renegade.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“If God spares us as a father does his son, let us imitate God. It is natural for children to imitate their parents. Let us imitate God in this one thing: As God spares us, and passes by many failures, so let us be sparing in our censures of others; let us look upon the weaknesses and indiscretions of our brethren with…a more tender, compassionate eye. How much God bears with us!”  ~ Thomas Watson

“If we do not regard God when he speaks to us, he will not regard us when we pray to him.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“The race is short between the cradle and the grave!”  ~ Thomas Watson

“No man did ever come off a loser by his acquaintance with God.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“When we profess God’s name, but do not live answerably to it, we take it in vain.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Love is such a grace as we know not how to be without. A soldier may as well be without his weapons, an artist without his pencil, a musician without his instrument, as a Christian can be without love.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“If you set your love on worldly things, they will not satisfy.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“If we bring forth any good fruit, it is not of our own growth, it comes from him, the true vine.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“It is not how much we do, but how much we love.” ~ Thomas Watson

“Many like to hear of the love of Christ, but not of loving their enemies; they like the comforts of the word, but not its reproofs.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“A contented Christian does not seek to choose his cross but leaves God to choose for him. He is content with both for the kind and the duration. A contented spirit says, ‘let God apply what medicine he pleases and let it remain as long as it will, I know that when it has done it’s cure and eaten the venom of sin out of my heart, God will take it off again.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“What is the duty which God requireth of man? Obedience to his revealed will. It is not enough to hear God’s voice, but we must obey. Obedience is a part of the honour we owe to God.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“If God justify a man, who shall condemn him? But if God condemn him, who shall justify him?”  ~ Thomas Watson

“We love a saint, though he has many personal failings. There is no perfection here. In some, rash anger prevails; in some, inconstancy; in some, too much love of the world. A saint in this life is like gold in the ore, much dross of infirmity cleaves to him, yet we love him for the grace that is in him. A saint is like a fair face with a scar: we love the beautiful face of holiness, though there be a scar in it. The best emerald has its blemishes, the brightest stars their twinklings, and the best of the saints have their failings. You that cannot love another because of his infirmities, how would you have God love you?”  ~ Thomas Watson

“To have a thankful heart for deliverance is a greater blessing than the deliverance itself.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Godly sorrow goes deep, like a vein which bleeds inwardly. The heart bleeds for sin: “they were pricked in their heart” (Act 2:37). As the heart bears a chief part in sinning, so it must in sorrowing.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“The jewel of faith is always put in the cabinet of a good conscience.” ~ Thomas Watson

“King’s crowns are only crosses, but the cross of Christ is the only crown.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Christians are condemned who profess to own God for their God and yet do not live as if he were their God.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“He who is called of God, walks directly contrary to what he did before.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“He who loves money is not weary of telling it: and he who loves God is not weary of serving him.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“None can do as God; he brought the world out of nothing; ‘And hangeth the earth upon nothing.’ Job 26: 7.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“As children grow older, the care of parents grows greater. They are afraid of their children falling when young, and of worse than falls when they are older.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“O let us look to our ends in obedience; it is possible the action may be right, and not the heart.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“The mercies of God make a sinner proud, but a saint humble.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Men think it a shame to be ignorant of their trade—but no shame to be ignorant of God. There is no going to heaven blindfold.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Every time we draw our breath we suck in mercy.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“The more helpful we are to others, the more like we are to God.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Father, my heart, my heart; my dead heart, quicken it; my hard heart, soften it in Christ’s blood. Father, my heart, my heart.’ Surely God, who hears the cry of ravens, will hear the cry of his children!”  ~ Thomas Watson

“He that leaves off prayer leaves off to fear God.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“A godly man is careful about moral righteousness He makes conscience of equity as well as piety. The Scripture has linked both together: “that we might serve him in holiness and righteousness” (Luke 1:74,75). Holiness: there is the first table of the law; righteousness: there is the second table of the law. Though a man may be morally righteous, and not godly—yet no one can be godly, unless he is morally righteous. This moral righteousness is seen in our dealings with men. A godly man observes that golden maxim, “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you” (Matt. 7:12).”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Oh, Christian, if you are overspread with this fretting leprosy, you carry the man of sin about you, for you set yourself above God and act as if you were wiser than He, and would sassily prescribe to Him what condition is best for you.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“The word preached is not only to inform you but reform you” ~ Thomas Watson

“As our sin is ever before us, so God’s promise must be ever before us. As we much feel our sting, so we must look up to Christ, our “brazen serpent” (Num 21:8-9).”  ~ Thomas Watson

“The God whom we worship is holy, the work we are employed in is holy, the place we hope to arrive at is holy; all this calls for holiness.” ~ Thomas Watson

“Hence I infer that where there is no sight of sin, there can be no repentance. Many who can spy faults in others see none in themselves. They cry that they have good hearts. Is it not strange that two should live together, and eat and drink together, yet not know each other? Such is the case of a sinner. His body and soul live together, work together, yet he is unacquainted with himself. He knows not his own heart, nor what a hell he carries about him. Under a veil, a deformed face is hid. Persons are veiled over with ignorance and self-love; therefore they see not what deformed souls they have.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Has Christ provided such a blessed banquet for us? He does not nurse us abroad, but feeds us with His own breast, nay, with His own blood! Let us, then, study to respond to this great love of Christ. It is true, we can never parallel His love. Yet let us show ourselves thankful. We can do nothing satisfactory, but we may do something out of gratitude. Christ gave Himself as a sin-offering for us. Let us give ourselves as a thank-offering for Him. If a man redeems another out of debt, will he not be grateful? How deeply do we stand obliged to Christ, who has redeemed us from hell!”  ~ Thomas Watson

“The holiness of the saints will not excuse them from sufferings.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Were our love more set upon the preached word, our minds would be more fixed upon it; and surely there is enough to make us love the word preached; for it is the word of life, the inlet to knowledge, the antidote against sin, the quickener of all holy affections.”  ~ Thomas Watson

‘Many Christians are full of murmuring and discontent, but seldom bring glory to God by giving Him praise due to His name. We read of the saints having harps in their hands, the emblems of praise. Many Christians today have tears in their eyes and complaints in their mouths, but few have harps in their hand, blessing and glorifying God. Let us honor God in this way.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“A Christian is commanded to warm-hearted service; he must charge through the whole army of his lusts, every one of which is stronger than Goliath.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“The world can create trouble in peace, but God can create peace in trouble.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“This marriage union with Christ is the most noble and excellent union”  ~ Thomas Watson

“God did not choose us because we were worthy, but by choosing us He makes us worthy.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Those who are patterns of mercy should be trumpets of praise.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“You may as well bid an elephant fly in the air, as a covetous man live by faith.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Who can have a better right to us than he that gives us our breath?”  ~ Thomas Watson

“What greater dignity can be put upon a mortal man, than to converse with his Maker, and to walk with God every day?”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Lusts within are worse than lions without.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“An upright man is always worth beholding, but then he is most to be admired when like a bright star, he shines in the dark, and having lost all, he holds fast his integrity.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Repentance is of such importance, that there is no being saved without it.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Daily bread may make us live comfortably but forgiveness of sins will make us die comfortably.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Can the spouse be better than in her husband’s company? Where can the soul be better than in drawing near to God?”  ~ Thomas Watson

“He who does not believe God’s promises will never love him.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“This sin cleaves to us as a leprosy. This original pollution makes us guilty before the Lord; and even though we would never commit actual sin, it merits hell. The meditation of this would be a means to pull down our pride. Nay, even those who have grace have cause to walk humbly be- cause they have more corruption in them than grace: their dark side is broader than their light.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Though God is the fountain of grace, yet the saints are the pipes which transmit the living streams to others.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“How far from godliness, are those who are unspiritual in their worship, who do not do duties from a renewed principle and with the utmost intention of soul, but merely to stop the mouth of conscience! Many people look no further than the bare doing of duties, but never heed how they are done. God does not judge our duties by their length, but by love.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“God can turn stones into bread, and a sinner can turn bread into stones; the bread of life into the stone of stumbling.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Glorifying God has respect to all the persons in the Trinity; it respects God the Father who gave us life; God the Son, who lost his life for us; and God the Holy Ghost, who produces a new life in us; we must bring glory to the whole Trinity.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Where there is union in fundamentals, there ought to be union in affections.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“To seem to be zealous, if it be not according to the word, is not obedience, but will-worship.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Let us show ourselves godly by being more spiritual in duty. It is not the quantity, but the quality which God is concerned with. It is not how much we do but how well.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“The spiritualizing of duty gives life to it. Without this it is only dead praying, dead hearing, and dead things are not pleasing. A dead flower has no beauty, a dead breast has no sweetness.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Where does Christ rule as king? His kingdom is spiritual. He rules in the hearts of men. He sets up his throne where no other king does; he rules the will and affections; his power binds the conscience; he subdues men’s lusts. “He will subdue our iniquities.” Mic 7:19.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Love is an industrious affection; it sets the head studying for God, hands working, feet running in the ways of his commandments.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Let us beg from God, a spiritual palate to relish a sweetness in holy things. For lack of spiritual hearts, we come to duty without delight, and go away without profit!”  ~ Thomas Watson

“God sometimes afflicts with infirmity of body. Sickness takes away the comfort of life, and makes one in deaths oft.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“To compare other things with God, is to debase Deity; as if you should compare the shining of a glow-worm with the sun.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Christ was born of a virgin, that we might be born of God. He took our flesh, that He might give us His Spirit. He lay in the manger that we might lie in paradise. He came down from heaven, that He might bring us to heaven. And what was all this but love? If our hearts be not rocks, this love of Christ should affect us. Behold, love that surpasses knowledge!”  ~ Thomas Watson

“It is more honour to serve God, than to have kings serve us.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Bad aims will spoil good actions.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Do not rest in baptism; what is it to have the water, and want the Spirit?”  ~ Thomas Watson

“The pardoned soul is out of the gunshot of hell (Rom. 8:33).”  ~ Thomas Watson

“The world is but a great inn, where we are to stay a night or two, and be gone; what madness is it so to set our heart upon our inn, as to forget our home?” ~ Thomas Watson

“Contentment doth not appear only now and then, as some stars which are seen but seldom; it is a settled temper of heart.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“God often goes by contrary means, and makes the enemy do his work. He can make a straight stroke with a crooked stick.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“The wisdom of God is seen in making the most desperate evils turn to the good of his children. As several poisonable ingredients, wisely tempered by the skill of the artist, make a sovereign medicine, so God makes the most deadly afflictions co-operate for the good of his children. He purifies them, and prepares them for heaven. 2 Cor 4: I7. These hard frosts hasten the spring flowers of glory.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“A man is known by the company he keeps. A company is known by the men it keeps.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“To sweat in some duties of religion, and freeze in others is the symptom of a disordered Christian.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“A good Christian holds secret communication with heaven. Private prayer keeps up the trade of godliness. When private holiness is laid aside, a stab is given to the heart of piety.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Many Christians are like sieves. Put a sieve into the water, and it is full; but take it out of the water, and it all runs out. So, while they are hearing the sermon, they remember something of value. But, like the sieve, as soon as they have left the church, all is forgotten.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“To obey God, is not so much our duty, as our privilege; his commands carry food in the mouth of them. He bids us repent, and why? That our sins may be blotted out. Acts 3:19. He commands us to believe, and why? That we may be saved. Acts 16:31. There is love in every command. It is as if a king should bid one of his subjects dig in a gold mine, and then keep the gold for himself.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“An idle person is the devil’s tennis ball, which he bandies up and down with temptation until at last the ball goes out of play.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“A hypocritical faith is lame on one hand. With one hand it would take up Christ. But it does not with the other hand give itself up to Christ.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Morality shoots short of heaven. It is only nature refined. A moral man is but old Adam dressed in fine clothes. The king’s image counterfeited and stamped upon brass will not go current.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“It [repentance] is not so much to endear us to Christ as to endear Christ to us. Till sin be bitter, Christ will not be sweet.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“The motion of our praise must be like the motion of our pulse, which beats as long as life lasts.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Carnal Protestants, who are strangers to godly sorrow. They cannot endure a serious thought, nor do they love to trouble their heads about sin. Paracelsus[34] spoke of a frenzy some have which will make them die dancing. Likewise, sinners spend their days in mirth; they fling away sorrow and go dancing to damnation. Some have lived many years, yet never put a drop in God’s bottle, nor do they know what a broken heart means. They weep and wring their hands as if they were undone when their estates are gone, but have no agony of soul for sin.” ~ Thomas Watson

“When men throw off the Word, then God throws them off, and then Satan takes them by the hand, and leads them into snares at his pleasure. He who thinks himself too good to be ruled by the Word, will be found too bad to be owned by God; and if God does not, or will not own him, Satan will by his stratagems overthrow him.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Every cross, to a child of God, is like Paul’s cross wind, which, though it broke the ship, it brought Paul to shore upon the broken pieces.” ~ Thomas Watson

“A Christian without meditation is like a soldier without weapons, or a workman without tools.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“As therefore we cherish our salvation and the honor of true religion, let us shine in that orb of relationships where God has placed us.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“The tree of the promise will not drop its fruit unless shaken by the hand of prayer.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Take every word as spoken to yourselves. When the word thunders against sin, think thus: “God means my sins;” when it presseth any duty, “God intends me in this.” Many put off Scripture from themselves, as if it only concerned those who lived in the time when it was written; but if you intend to profit by the word, bring it home to yourselves: a medicine will do no good unless it be applied.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Love ‘thinketh no evil.’ 1 Cor 13: 5. It puts the best interpretation upon another’s words.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“God so values his people that he will give kingdoms for their ransom (Isaiah 43:3); He put his best Jewel (Christ) in pawn for them (John 3:16).”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Three wishes Paul had, and they were all about Christ; that he might be found in Christ, be with Christ, and magnify Christ.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“God would have us part with nothing for Him, but that which will damn us if we keep it.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“A godly man will forgive those who have wronged him Revenge is sweet to nature. A gracious spirit passes by affronts, forgets injuries and counts it a greater victory to conquer an enemy by patience than by power. It is truly heroic “to overcome evil with good” (Romans 12:21). Though I would not trust an enemy, yet I would endeavor to love him. I would exclude him from my creed, but not from my prayer (Matt. 5:44).”  ~ Thomas Watson

“There is no one member of the body breaks forth more in God’s dishonour than the tongue.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Upon our turning to God, we have more restored to us in Christ, than ever was lost in Adam. God says to the repenting soul, “I will clothe you with the robe of righteousness; I will enrich you with the jewels and graces of my Spirit. I will bestow my love upon you! I will give you a kingdom! Son, all I have is yours!” ~ Thomas Watson

“is the soul’s retiring of itself, that by a serious and solemn thinking upon God, the heart may be raised up to heavenly affections.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Some complain they find no benefit by the word preached; perhaps they did not pray for their minister as they should.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Glorious things are spoken of God; he transcends our thoughts, and the praises of angels. God’s glory lies chiefly in his attributes, which are the several beams by which the divine nature shines forth. Among other of his orient excellencies, this is not the least, The Lord is a God of knowledge; or as the Hebrew word is, ‘A God of knowledges.” ~ Thomas Watson

“It is better that men should reproach you for repenting than that God should damn you for not repenting.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“The godly understand the mystery of living by faith: “The just shall live by faith” (Heb. 10:38). They can trust God’s heart where they cannot trace his hand. They can get comfort out of a promise, as Moses got water out of the rock (Exod. 17:6).”  ~ Thomas Watson

“A man may as well go to hell for not working in his calling, as for not believing.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“The hypocrite is fair to look on. He has a devout eye, but a hollow heart. But he who is sincere, his inside is his best side!”  ~ Thomas Watson

“We should look upon sin in two looking-glasses, the glass of Christ’s blood, and the glass of death.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Read not the word carelessly, but with seriousness and affection; as the oracle of heaven, the well of salvation, the book of life.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“A shaking hand may as well write a line steadily, as we can keep our hearts fixed in prayer without the Spirit of God.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“It was more for Christ to suffer one hour than for us to have suffered forever.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“He who has no love in his heart to God, you may set him down for an apostate.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“When men have hearts of stone and foreheads of brass, it is a sign that the devil has taken full possession of them.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“This light does that which no other light can. It makes a man perceive himself to be blind.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“There are no sins God’s people are more subject to than unbelief and impatience.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“A godly man puts a kind interpretation upon providence.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“When Satan has by his witcheries lulled men asleep in sloth, then he destroys them. Some report that while the crocodile sleeps with its mouth open, the Indian rat gets into its belly and eats up its entrails. So while men sleep in security they are devoured.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Evangelical obedience is true in its essence, though not perfect in its degree; and where it comes short, Christ puts his merits into the scales, and then there is full weight.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“A judge judges only matters of fact, but God judges the heart. He not only judges wicked actions, but wicked designs. He sees the treason of the heart and punishes it.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“By endeavoring to bring up our children in the fear of the Lord, we shall provide for God’s glory when we are dead. A godly man should not only honor God while he lives—but do something that may promote God’s glory when he is dead. If our children are seasoned with gracious principles, they will stand up in our place when we have gone, and will glorify God in their generation. A good piece of ground bears not only a fore-crop but an after-crop. He who is godly does not only bear God a good crop of obedience himself while he lives—but by training his child in the principles of piety, he bears God an after-crop when he is dead.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“He whose heart is divinely touched with the magnet of God’s Spirit, will endeavor to attract those who are near him to Christ.” ~ Thomas Watson

“Another sign of our effectual calling is diligence in our ordinary calling. Some boast of their high calling, but they lie idly at anchor. Religion does not seal warrants to idleness. Christians must not be slothful. Idleness is the devil’s bath; a slothful person becomes a prey to every temptation. Grace, while it cures the heart, does not make the hand lame. He who is called of God, as he works for heaven, so he works in his trade.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“A godly person chooseth Christ and grace before the most illustrious things under the sun”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Sin is not only a defection, but a pollution. It is to the soul as rust is to gold, as a stain to beauty. It makes the soul red with guilt, and black with filth. Sin in Scripture is compared to a “menstruous cloth,” and to a “plague-sore.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“They who pray that they may not be led into temptation, must not lead themselves into temptation.” ~ Thomas Watson

“Love is a holy fuel. It fires the affections, steels the courage, and carries a Christian above the love of life, and the fear of death.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“The glory we give God is nothing else but our lifting up his name in the world, and magnifying him in the eyes of others. Phil 1:10. Christ shall be magnified in my body.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“What the heart does not do, is not done.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Worry that is either untrusting or distracting is very dishonorable to God.” ~ Thomas Watson

“Faith and fear go hand in hand. When the soul looks at God’s holiness, he fears. When he looks at God’s promises, he believes. A godly man trembles, yet trusts. Fear preserves reverence, faith preserves cheerfulness. Fear keeps the soul from lightness, faith keeps it from sadness.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“If, when God speaks to us in his word, we are deaf, when we speak to him in prayer, he will be dumb.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“God’s providence, which is nothing but the fulfillment of His decree, should be a guarantee and an opposing force against discontent. In His wisdom, God has set us in our current station.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Why are Christians so disquieted in their minds? They are taking care when they should be casting care.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“He that commands us, will enable us.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“The hypocrite suspects others of sin but has charitable thoughts of himself! The sincere Christian has charitable thoughts of others and suspects himself of sin.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“None ever complained of serving God: it was their comfort and their crown on their death-bed.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“A believer triumphs more in the righteousness of Christ imputed, than if he had Adam’s righteousness in innocency, nay, than if he had the angels’ righteousness, for now he hath the righteousness of God. “That we might be made the righteousness of God in him.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Grace makes the heart tender, it causes sympathy and charity. As it melts the heart in contrition towards God, so in compassion towards others.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“A carnal person can no more value spiritual blessings than a baby can value a diamond necklace.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“The outward call may bring men to a profession of Christ, the inward call brings them to a possession of Christ. The outward call curbs a sinner, the inward call changes him.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Self-love raises a sickbed vow, and love of sin will prevail against it. Trust not to a passionate resolution; it is raised in a storm and will die in a calm.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“God’s glory is more worth than heaven, and more worth than the salvation of all men’s souls. It would be better that kingdoms be thrown down, better men and angels be annihilated, than God should lose one jewel of his crown, one beam of his glory!” ~ Thomas Watson

“Love not the world” (1 John 2:15). Many would like to be godly, but the honors and profits of the world divert them. Where the world fills both head and heart—there is no room for Christ.” ~ Thomas Watson

“A godly man spiritualizes duty; he is not only for the doing of holy things but for the holy doing of things.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“The reason why God has given us a thinking faculty, is that we may think on his Name. When our thoughts run out in vain things, we should think with ourselves thus: Did God give us this talent to misemploy? Did he give us thoughts that we should think of everything but him?”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Worldly business often crowds into our duties, and while our mouths are speaking to God, our hearts are thinking of the world” ~ Thomas Watson 

“Make spending your time a matter of conscience. “Redeeming the time” (Eph. 5:16). Many people fool away their time, some in idle visits, others in recreations and pleasures which secretly bewitch the heart and take it away from better things. What are our golden hours for—but to attend to our souls? Time misspent is not time lived but time lost! Time is a precious commodity.”  ~ Thomas Watson

“The serious thoughts of our short stay here would be a great means of promoting godliness. What if death should come before we are ready? What if our life should breathe out before God’s Spirit has breathed in? Whoever considers how flitting and winged his life is, will hasten his repentance!”  ~ Thomas Watson

“Be often among the godly. They are the salt of the earth—and will help to season you. Their counsel may direct you; their prayers may enliven you. Such holy sparks may be thrown into your breasts as may kindle devotion in you. It is good to be among the saints, to learn the trade of godliness: “He who walks with wise men shall be wise” (Proverbs 13:20).”  ~ Thomas Watson

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